Asta Powerproject Version 12.0.02

Asta Powerproject Version 12.0.02 is now available and provides new improved features.

What's new in version 12 - click to download

This latest release includes several features adding further improvements to 12.0.01, including:

  • Making resource planning easier with improvements to the Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Enabling you to customise the new ribbon interface that was made available in the last release, plus the introduction of a quick access toolbar
  • An improved interface for working with other systems, such as SureTrak and templates for importing from Microsoft Project or Primavera software

Resource Breakdown Improvement (RBS)

The Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) & Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) lists resources or costs and the tasks they have been assigned to.  See how to easily identify available resources and make allocations in this view.

Ribbon interface – easier access to commands

In Version 12 the Menu and Toolbars have been replaced with a more modern interface of a Ribbon. The Ribbon interface is generally accepted to provide faster access to the commands that you need as you work with your projects. The commands are organised in logical groups, which are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as displaying different items in a view or working with allocations.

Interfacing with other PM Systems

Asta offers the possibility to open files from other software systems and save Asta Powerproject files into formats that can be opened in other software systems enabling transfer of data.  In version 12, Asta Powerproject has introduced the option to allow users to import projects in a file format from SureTrak®, in addition to Primavera & MSP.  We also now provide ‘templates’ that can be used when opening files from other formats, so as to give the user a more familiar presentation of their project data.


Asta Powerproject is a comprehensive product suite with the flexibility to meet the varying needs of everyone involved in running projects and those who rely on project performance. It is widely relied upon to support project activity, at all levels of complexity, across a broad range of industry sectors.

Asta Powerproject’s robust and easy-to-use tools mean project managers can be more proactive and remain in control. Simple project navigation and role-based views enhance the users experience further.

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