Creating Cash Flow

Creating a cashflow with Asta Powerproject for construction projects

This paper explains some of the functionality in Asta Powerproject that can help you produce a fully resourced and costed schedule which in turn can provide cashflow information for construction projects.

Chris Rymer, Head of Professional Services

Chris Rymer, Head of Professional Services

Asta Development provides a complete range of project management software solutions for managing all types and sizes of construction and engineering projects. Asta Powerproject comes with all the features necessary to support critical chain project management without the need for add-ons or additional products.

There are many ways that money is spent on a project, dictated by both the client and/or form of contract. Whilst not satisfying every scenario in detail, this paper will give an insight into how costs, income and resources can be added in a variety of different ways.

The paper will look at procurement, prelims and the actual construction programme.

The starting point is a fully linked schedule (figure 1) and in this instance the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) has been created with items, Procurement, Construction and Prelims.

Procurement Schedules

Asta Powerproject allows multiple activities per line, (all of which can overlap), (figure 2). This feature is perfectly suited to the creation of procurement strings where many activities sometimes interact for the same event. For example for each item we need to procure there may be an activity for Out to Tender, Drawings, Order etc

The final activity on the line is linked to the relevant item in the construction programme, in this case with a one week lag. The activities are set to As Late As Possible so that we can start the procurement process at the latest possible date. Clearly any delay to the procurement item will have an impact on the construction programme.

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