Asta Powerproject Version 12

Version 12 is now available, here is a short summary of some of the new features

Ribbon interface – easier access to commands

In Version 12 the Menu and Toolbars have been replaced with a more modern interface of a Ribbon. The Ribbon interface is generally accepted to provide faster access to the commands that you need as you work with your projects. The commands are organised in logical groups, which are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as displaying different items in a view or working with allocations.

Line of Balance functionality

Line of Balance is a technique to optimise the flow of resources through work locations. This technique is generally applied to repetitive processes – for example, with plasterers going from one room to another, could the project be done faster with 3-gangs rather than 2? i.e. work on 3 locations at the same time rather than 2. It has traditionally been applied in housing projects, but is just as valid to apply in the finishing stages of any type of project where work location can be specified.

Display any field on the bar chart

Version 12 has extended the data fields that can be displayed on each row of the bar chart via the Format Bar Chart dialog. The full range of data fields which can be placed in any column are now available on the Task data display group on the Tasks tab of this dialog.

Set the duration of tasks via a Work amount and a Work-Rate

In Asta Powerproject there are many ways to set the duration of a task driven by the resources assigned – including their work-rate and the amount of work on the task. In Version 12 this has been extended to the task-level so that the duration of an activity can be calculated from an amount of work to carry out and a work-rate. This doesn’t have to be related to the resources of a task.For example a concrete slab of 120 m2 could be constructed at a rate of 8 m2 per day – and the duration of 3-weeks would be calculated.

Choose to display part-critical tasks

When a link starts part-way through an activity and leads to a chain of critical tasks it can be considered that only the part of the task before the link start position is critical. In Version 12 there is a new Format Barchart switch to mark different portions of the same task with critical highlighting.


Asta Powerproject is a comprehensive product suite with the flexibility to meet the varying needs of everyone involved in running projects and those who rely on project performance. It is widely relied upon to support project activity, at all levels of complexity, across a broad range of industry sectors.

Asta Powerproject’s robust and easy-to-use tools mean project managers can be more proactive and remain in control. Simple project navigation and role-based views enhance the users experience further.

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