The Christchurch rebuild

Asta Powerproject helps support managing the challenge of rebuilding Christchurch’s infrastructure.

One of the largest and most complex civil engineering projects ever undertaken in New Zealand is now under way in Christchurch to repair the devastation caused by the earthquakes and aftershocks of September 2010 and February 2011. Christchurch can now look forward to a well planned, well executed programme of projects over the next five years designed to put the city successfully back on track.

The programme of works — The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild – will repair the city’s horizontal infrastructure (roads, water supply, storm water, and wastewater systems) and is being carried out by the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT). This is an alliance between Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), and the Delivery Teams City Care, Downer, Fletcher Construction, Fulton Hogan, and MacDow New Zealand.

Managing a programme of many hundreds of projects required to reconstruct Christchurch’s infrastructure and keeping all relevant parties informed will be a challenging task requiring dedication, skill and good project management. Asta Development is proud to be playing a part in this with SCIRT having selected Asta Powerproject as the programme management software to be used to manage the programme. It was selected primarily on its ease of use and because it has been used successfully on other major civil engineering projects in Australia.

“The use of Asta Powerproject is going to be critical in the success of the rebuild. We were attracted by its ability to allow us to easily create project schedules and for us to have a one-stop view of what is going on and report this to our stakeholders and the residents of Christchurch.”

Duncan Gibb, Head of SCIRT

The Asta software is also being used by each of the Delivery Teams to produce detailed project plans for their portion of the work.

Each of the Delivery Teams, City Care, Downer, Fletcher Construction, Fulton Hogan, and MacDow New Zealand, will create project schedules that will be integrated into to the overall SCIRT programme, which will allow them to consider the levelling of sub contract resources available in Christchurch in assessing project prioritisation. SCIRT will also be drawing on the integration capability of Asta Powerproject so that the project data can be linked with finance systems to provide earned value data and business intelligence systems to provide reports for stakeholders.

The data will also be used to give residents of Christchurch a view of when work will take place in their street via a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Alliances such as this are a proven way to deliver the best results on major infrastructure projects, including bringing innovation and value for money. All organisations involved commit to working closely together to achieve the best outcome for the city.

SCIRT will be working closely with CERA, the Government agency set up to lead and coordinate the ongoing earthquake recovery, and Christchurch City Council, the owners of the city’s horizontal infrastructure.

“The scale of the devastation of Christchurch infrastructure is very humbling. The rebuild is going to throw up enormously complex logistical challenges, and I am pleased that we, through Asta Powerproject, can play our part when it comes to aiding the management of these challenges. This is clearly more that just a construction project and as has been widely reported, Christchurch, in many ways, is looking to build a new future and we are extremely proud we are playing a part in getting this shattered community back onto its feet.”

Paul Bamforth, Managing Director of Asta Development plc