Asta Powerlines – September 2012

Are you getting the most out of Asta Powerproject?

With new versions and new features Asta Powerproject keeps evolving. There may be features you are not aware of and shortcuts that can help you work more quickly. Many of our users tell us how it is easy to get in the habit of working a certain way and it is only when they come on a course they realise how much more is possible. To find out how Asta’s expert trainers can help you get more out of your software and work more quickly and effectively, call our training ‘advisor’ on 01844 261700 if you are in the UK or for other countries contact your local distributor.

For a list of current courses available in the UK click here. Remember in addition to our core UK training courses which are run at our Thame offices and regional locations we can also create a tailored course for your own needs and run it at your own premises, or arrange a web based training session.