Produce high quality output to impress your client

Asta Powerproject gives you unparalleled control over the presentation of your plan.

The outstanding visual presentation of project plans improves communication and impresses clients, enabling you to:

Highlight important information with annotations to enhance the plan:
• Add text and hyperlinks
• Show data values derived from any task
• Use images and videos ( BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG and GIF graphics etc.)
• Import Microsoft Windows objects: Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD etc.

Control the type, colour and thickness of horizontal and vertical grid lines, including the individual grid lines of any given row or specific date.

Control the colour of horizontal and vertical bands in order to highlight Work Breakdown Structure levels, Activity Codes and date periods.

Surround the output with a customisable 4-sided border giving an attractive frame around output that can include unlimited logos, text references, notes, issue numbers, revision numbers, etc.

Control the format of the output including number of lines per page, page breaks, legend appearance, order, font and page size.

Use templates – You can create templates in your company style for re-use on all tenders. If required, Asta’s skilled consultants can assist in setting these up for you.
Print views easily using ‘What you see is what you get’ output with minimal set up

Create multiple tasks per line on the bar chart which makes printouts significantly smaller and more compact for easier presentation and analysis.

Get to what you want quickly with multiple scaling aspects

Choose which features are displayed such as float, labour site histograms, etc.

Save Views, certain aspects of a Project, or the full Project, as HTML output with graphics if required for web publishing