Collect progress from site

Often projects are managed from Head Office and there is a need to update progress from a remote office or site where the work is actually being done.  Other project management systems have web based tools that allow man hours to be reported by a timesheet (Asta Powerproject, too has a timesheet module, however, many projects are progressed by Actual Start, Actual Finish, Remaining Duration and Percent Complete, all of which are easily managed in Asta Powerproject.

Asta Powerproject has flexible progress methods so date and progress data can be entered correctly against tasks in order to correctly calculate task end dates and, by implication, project end dates. The Actual Start and Finish dates are entered against completed activities representing when the work took place. In-progress activities have the Actual Start, Remaining Duration and % Complete entered.

Information can be entered via a web page using Site Progress. This results in a large cost saving for the organisation as they do not have to go the expense of purchasing the full Project Management system for every user. Site staff only have to progress activities that are overdue and due in the current period. When imported the project plan is automatically updated and the planner can revise the project as necessary.

Asta Sitecontrol is designed specifically for the construction industry, providing comprehensive site management tools which allow you to record, monitor and evaluate the latest activities across individual or multiple sites on a daily basis. It provides a quick, easy and electronic way for site managers to create an accurate and permanent daily record of on-site activities such as labour levels; progress, weather, site conditions, change requests and time reports

Progress can be seamlessly integrated into BIM models for visualisation to improve communication and understanding.