Industry Spotlight: Construction

The changing world of construction project management

The worldwide trend in construction is for smaller, more tightly integrated supply chains and greater transparency.  Large contractors are working with fewer trade contractors.  Trade contractors, in turn, are focusing more on service quality and reliability rather than pure price competition.  Clients are starting to demand more visibility of, and involvement in, the project delivery process.

Kyp Kyprianou, Regional Planner, BAM Construction talks about how flexible Asta Powerproject is.

For construction companies of all types and sizes, it is important that the project management software chosen by the business will enable it to operate effectively in this increasingly integrated construction project delivery environment.  It won’t be enough for project management software to simply calculate project end dates correctly (although this is clearly the starting point).  The software should be able to exchange project information with any other stakeholder involved in the project – no matter what system they are using.  It should be able to accept data from systems like Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera and update plans held in the central project database and provide clear, graphical reporting on project progress, costs, resources and risks via a secure Extranet.

For contractors looking to put in place a solution to meet the UK Government’s construction strategy, it will also be important to identify project management software that is proven to integrate with 3D BIM solutions, providing a 4D BIM system for mitigating risk during the build process and enabling stakeholders to visualise the construction build process. Asta has links with several vendors including Synchro, Tekla, Autodesk Navisworks and DStudio. Click to read about Asta and BIM.

Despite all these new requirements, the construction project management software you choose to build your business upon should still be easy to use – even for novices.

Asta Powerproject is the project management software tool of choice for thousands of construction project planners throughout the world.  Its combination of simplicity, power and cost-effective licensing is partly what makes it so popular.  Whether your projects are small and straightforward or massive and high risk, Asta Powerproject is the tool you need to deliver projects successfully and to operate competitively in the increasingly integrated world of construction.