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Asta Powerproject.  The innovation never stops.

Asta Powerproject Version 12

Easy to use, scalable and powerful, Asta Powerproject Version 12 is designed specifically to handle any size of project and incorporates new features and fully supported flexible licencing. Watch some short videos that highlight the key changes in this latest release.

Business intelligence reporting

Improve project controls by getting a consolidated view of the actual progress and costs of all projects in one web-based project dashboard.  High-level summaries – such as variance reporting on actual versus planned end dates – are provided in easy-to-understand graphical reports, whilst the underlying project data can be accessed at the click of a button should further detail be required.  The dashboard project view can be extended to bring in data from other systems, such as health and safety, accounting and bid management, providing your management team with one accessible tool for monitoring and controlling all project-related activity.

Kyp Kyprianou, Regional Planner, BAM Construction talks the benefits of 4D and Asta Powerproject

4D Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Asta partners with leading vendors such as Synchro, D-Studio and Tekla to provide its customers with 4D BIM solutions.  4D BIM is the combination of the 3D design model with the project schedule where ‘time’ is the fourth dimension.  The advantages of using 4D BIM on construction projects (particularly larger, more complex projects) include: visualise how the building will look at any point during its construction; visually compare the impact of different building strategies and sequences of events; and improve communication with all project stakeholders.

Project risk management

Understand the effects of your project risks so they can be better assessed, proactively managed and effectively communicated by simulating risk analysis for optimised project success.

Free viewer

Provide everyone involved in your projects with the ability to view, navigate and print out project plans for free.  Use Project Viewer to view projects created in Asta Powerproject, Asta Easyplan, Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera.

Site progress reporting

Give your site managers and project planners a tool to quickly enter progress against tasks as they walk around site, presenting tasks in a logical order based on location (i.e. all tasks for ground floor, then first floor).  Enter task updates directly into a PDA or laptop.  From there, updates are sent via the Internet to the project database held in Asta Powerproject.

Site diary

Keep accurate records of all on-site activity including pictures, health and safety records and work orders.  The diary is ‘locked down’ at the end of each day providing an undisputable record of what actually happened on site and when.  This tool is invaluable should there be any dispute.

Phil Solomon, Mace talks about the benefits of Asta Easyplan

Asta Easyplan

Asta Easyplan is similar to Asta Powerproject but has reduced functionality.  Asta Easyplan is about one-third the price of Asta Powerproject (for standalone licences) and is ideal for trade contractors who need a simple, low cost project planning tool that can easily import and export data from Asta Powerproject or for anyone who needs to manage small construction projects of up to 250 tasks.


ERP integration

Asta has extensive experience of integrated Asta Powerproject with leading accounting and ERP systems.  The integrations are typically bespoke to each customer and typically bring together ‘time’ and ‘money’ in order to improve project cost control and governance, particularly on large projects.

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