History of Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject was first launched as an AEC industry project management software tool in 1988.  At that time, it was the first project management software with a logic-linked bar chart.  It was also the first tool that allowed users to draw links on the bar chart.  Prior to this, other products could produce output showing the logic links between tasks but they did not allow users to enter the data by drawing directly on the bar chart.

Cooper James Consultancy talks about the key benefits of Asta Powerproject

Naturally construction project planners took notice of this new product.  A project management tool that not only offered more power – i.e. a screen-based logic-linked bar chart –but also a far more intuitive user interface proved highly attractive.  Before long, planners in the UK, Germany, Netherlandsand Scandinaviastarted to adopt Asta Powerproject as their preferred project management software tool.  Within five years, Asta Powerproject was being used on thousands of projects – office buildings, schools and housing developments as well as highly complex projects like the extension of SchipolAirport in the Netherlands and the construction of the external fuel tank of the Space Shuttle.

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