Who’s Using Asta Powerproject Today?

Why P&R Morson chose Asta Powerproject

Today, Asta Powerproject is actively used by over 3,000 organisations worldwide and over 60,000 users.  In Europe alone, Asta Powerproject is used by:

  • 27 of the top 30 UKcontractors[1]
  • 15 of the top 20 UKhousebuilders[2]
  • 11 of the top 16 German contractors (1)
  • 10 of the top 11 Dutch contractors (1)

Flexible and cost-effective licensing

Due to its flexible and cost-effective licensing, Asta Powerproject is also used extensively by smaller construction companies such as trade contractors, consultants, small builders and even single person firms.  It is typically used as a project management tool on everyday construction projects but it has been used on a host of high profile projects as well such as:

  • Tallest project: The London Shard due for completion in 2012 when it will become Europe’s tallest building at 310m.
  • Unusual project: Removal of an entire airport in South Africa to another location.
  • Project ‘down under’: AUS $414m schools building project in South Western Sydney with over 25,000 live tasks at any one time.
[1] Building magazine, European league of contractors, Jan 2011
[2] The Construction Index, Top 20 UK Housebuilders 2010

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