Asta Development and 4D BIM Synchronise Construction at The Shard

Mace is the main contractor for The Shard London Bridge project. The Shard, an iconic tower including 600,000ft of office space, hotel, commerce and luxury residential area, is destined to become a “vertical city” and the tallest building in Western Europe at 310m. Mace has scheduled 4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) software from Synchro Ltd, innovator of construction model simulation software, for “visualised planning” with Asta Powerproject from Asta Development.

Mace uses Asta Powerproject as its planning software tool and all the schedule programmes are created in this software for import into the 4D modelling software to create 4D BIM (3D CAD + PowerProject scheduling). The power of visualisation, coordination, simulation and optimisation from 3D, 4D, and BIM computer technologies allow Mace to meet customer, design, construction, and program requirements more effectively.

The joining of two powerful technologies

4D BIM technology integrates and flexibly displays the 3D design with a synchronised schedule for building the site infrastructure. David Elder, Associate Director, at Mace has leveraged 4D BIM to create AVI videos for his presentation meetings on a regular basis. 4D BIM improves communication with stakeholders by linking the dynamic scene with different Asta Powerproject timelines and displaying the ongoing consequences of building strategies.

Mace splits its large database files into different categories, such as Tower Cranes/Cladding, Jump Lifts/Hoists, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) levels, Substructure, Station Concourse and Bus Station. By updating the programme in Asta Powerproject, Mace can then synchronise and review the changes in Synchro’s 4D BIM. The logistics implications of 4D BIM help to position cranes, roads, parking and earth stores in a city centre site.

By using Asta Powerproject scheduling and 4D BIM Mace can orchestrate project logistics in real time and spot potential problems, for example, in the deployment of tower cranes. The Tower Crane/Cladding and Jump Lift/Hoist projects show two views from the North and East plus a moving camera.

Asta Powerproject and 4D modelling are also used to manage the MEP by demonstrating it floor by floor. Mace capitalises on the new ability of Synchro’s software to show 3D View by different 3D filters, enabling the construction delivery team to preview Levels 29 and 30 together.

The benefits of using 4D modeling with the planning software

4D BIM used in conjunction with Asta Powerproject gives Mace the ability to compare strategies shared with different trade specialists visually. Any issues in MEP scheduling can be highlighted before they become a problem, which saves Mace considerable time and money.

Tom Dengenis, CEO of Synchro Ltd, is delighted with the advantages afforded to Mace by using the two technologies in parallel: “The use of 4D BIM and Asta Powerproject has helped Mace to evaluate and manage construction and logistical issues more efficiently – an enormous benefit on a project as highly complex as The Shard.”