Asta Development announces major upgrade to Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject has been a standard project management solution for the construction industry for 21 years and is used by construction professionals around the world. Asta Powerproject version 11 represents a major upgrade which introduces new ways of working which will be familiar to Oracle Primavera users, enhanced management reporting, improved spreadsheet-style functionality, and even greater scheduling flexibility for managing repeated processes.

The new version offers users more control and choices about information displays plus familiar ways of working that will appeal to a wider range of potential users. It adds new usability features and improved project and management reporting, as well as scheduling enhancements designed specifically to support house-builders and certain stages of the construction process, such as procurement and finishings.

Asta Powerproject version 11 marks a major step forward for a product which has been in continuous development for over two decades, as Asta Development has remained committed to listening to and integrating user feedback and requests.
Some of the most significant new features include:

  • Choices for users who may prefer to work with the Oracle Primavera-style coded Work Breakdown Structure when using Asta Powerproject, rather than Asta Powerproject’s parent-child arrangement in Summary tasks familiar to Microsoft project users. As well as smoothing the process for many users who work with both products, it also means it is possible to sort and filter tasks by their WBS codes and other WBS-related information. It also means that when exporting a project from Asta Powerproject into Oracle Primavera (P3, P3e, P5, P6) you can specify whether to export the project using the WBS structure or using Asta Powerproject’s traditional hierarchical project breakdown structure. Work Breakdown Structures are imported from Oracle Primavera software in their entirety.
  • Familiarity features that make the product even more intuitive to learn and use include an enhancement to spreadsheet-style tables enabling the user to define and display formulae and calculations.
  • Enhanced sorting capabilities including simpler Sort Properties, colour banding on WBS, Code Libraries and Resources and a wider range of sort orders, some of which will be very familiar to Primavera users.
  • Enhanced reporting for easier diagnostics and more powerful management reporting including a n overview executive management report – the Project Overview report – which graphically demonstrates (with pie charts, bar charts etc) progress, costs and durations in comparison to a baseline.
  • Overlapping tasks on a single row of the project plan has been further enhanced to address needs of house-builders and to those managing the procurement and finishing stages of construction processes that very often have one task commencing before another linked task is complete. With complete control over the degree of overlap it means that even tasks which overlap by 100% can be easily identified.