Asta Powerproject Enterprise enables North Midland Construction to realise successful integration with SAP system

Leading innovator, North Midland Construction, creates live customer data transfer using Asta Powerproject Enterprise and SAP; integrates hundreds of projects worth £200 million

Engineering and construction enterprise North Midland Construction has successfully realised the first phase of a massive data integration project with SAP collaborative business software using Asta Powerproject Enterprise from Asta Development.

The ability to transfer live, up-to-date financial and programme data between contractor and customer is vital to the success of any large, complex construction project. North Midland Construction has secured a way of delivering just this by integrating its enterprise project management software with the SAP system of its customers. Over the past few weeks the company has been stepping up its testing phase and has gradually increased the number of projects it is integrating with live data from the client SAP system. Now it has transferred financial and programme data between the two systems that amounts to hundreds of projects worth approximately £200 million over a five-year period.

“Asta Powerproject Enterprise and the server have handled the huge import of data without a problem. It has been a very stable environment to work within and I am delighted with the results. I have had fantastic support and service from Asta Development during these intense weeks and together we have managed to integrate hundreds of projects and align SAP data with our programme data with a few clicks of the mouse.”
Gavin Clegg, Programme Manager, North Midland Construction

The power of Asta Powerproject Enterprise project management solution continues to grow, giving large construction firms the ability to communicate live with their customers and contractors ensuring speedy, smooth and successful delivery of the clients’ requirements.

“We are delighted North Midland Construction is benefiting not only from the ever improving functional capabilities of Asta Powerproject Enterprise but is also realising more from its investment by utilising the openness of the solution and integrating it successfully with SAP. In the current economic climate it is essential that companies make better use of their data, minimising data islands, and North Midland Construction’s foresight to ‘align SAP data with their programme data with a few clicks of the mouse’ is a prime example.” – Paul Bamforth, Managing Director, Asta Development.