Asta Powerproject multi-user gives C Spencer complete project visibility

UK-based engineering and construction company, C Spencer Ltd, has implemented Asta Powerproject multi-user across its business to manage the 20 live projects and 20 tenders it has underway at any one time.

C Spencer wanted to achieve total visibility across all projects and the ability for senior management to manage ‘by exception’. In other words, the business wanted to be able to immediately identify and resolve any situation arising on any client project.

David Tyerman, Planning Director at C Spencer, said: “We were already very familiar with Primavera 5, as our railway network authority client insisted on its programme being delivered in P5. So this could easily have been our obvious choice. But experience of lack of flexibility and a complexity of functionality that forces you to fit the product around the software rather than the other way around, led us to look down another avenue.”

“We investigated the simpler, easy-to-pick-up, cheap and user-friendly tools, but we needed more bells and whistles. Asta Powerproject multi-user fulfilled our requirements perfectly, and we found the team at Asta Development prepared to bend over backwards to help us get exactly what we needed from the software, and this was just what we were hoping for. Coupled with finding it remarkably user-friendly despite its sophisticated interface made our choice an easy one.”

“All project teams and planners have access to the software,” said David. “Whether they are in the office, on-site or at home they all have complete visibility across the project spectrum.”

“Our experience so far is that Asta Powerproject is a remarkably intuitive piece of software and users pick it up very quickly; it was absolutely worth the investment. The main benefits to us have been the visibility of projects – we never have a situation where we can’t access a project – and instant access for everyone to the programme for a real-time update on any project.”

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