Asta Powerproject Enterprise receives TopBuilder 2011 international award for Most Innovative Software

TopBuilder is Polands’s annual prestigious event which heralds the success of the international construction industry’s best achievements; it was initiated in 1997 to recognise and promote innovation in construction. On December 2nd the fourth annual event took place at the Lubomirski Palace in Warsaw (the home of the Business Centre Club), where Asta Powerproject Enterprise from Asta Development and entered by DAT Computer Concepts Sp. z o.o. scooped up the accolade for most innovative software.

TopBuilder is sponsored by Builder, Poland’s market-leading specialist magazine which is known for its expert articles on currently applied technologies, materials, constructions, building systems and new products from all areas of the building industry. Builder is also considered a most important forum for published opinions, debates and interviews with politicians and experts from the building sector. Builder sponsors the event to recognise those rare innovations that not only are transparent, intuitive and adapted to the specifics of the construction industry, but have been tested under actual conditions of daily work. This is what makes the TopBuilder awards so sought after.

The event is one of the highlights of the construction events calendar. It is attended by key influencers in the construction market, including the senior management of construction companies, engineers, technicians, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, sales people, developers and designers as well as private and public investors, facility managers and students of architecture and building faculties. This year’s gala brought to about 150 guests – staff and representatives from leading research centers and professional organizations.

The awards are made to every facet of the construction industry, including leading-edge architectural solutions, design and technology and IT solutions. Construction companies and IT solutions professionals have been vying for the coveted awards, entering their most ground-breaking products and solutions from across Europe. Contestants for the awards must be able to demonstrate that their solutions are the most innovative and leading-edge in the construction industry, they must adhere to the construction industry’s exigency on the highest standards of sustainability, quality and safety.

Asta Powerproject Enterprise is an integrated construction project management software system for planning, managing and executing projects and programmes. Part of the Asta Development construction software family, it was the ideal candidate for the Most Innovative Software award; it enables all construction teams to work collaboratively on projects and gain complete visibility over everything that is happening at any level of detail and at any time. It is fully deserving of its accolade.

The president of Media Publishing PWB, Mark Zdziebłowski, handed out the awards. This year 52 awards were given to 39 companies. While conducting the awards ceremony the president remarked that these awards go to the most distinguished products that result from collaborative work within a company, where innovation is the result of experience and a thorough knowledge of the industry and its needs.