Asta Powerproject & Galliford Try help ensure the end to ‘rain offs’ at Wimbledon

Although protecting Britain’s great hope from the rain wasn’t the primary reason that Galliford Try were asked to create a new retractable roof for Wimbledon’s Centre Court, one could be fooled into thinking that it has become its main purpose – nobody will want any interruption to a crucial finals game this year. This challenging engineering and construction project was planned and supported by Asta Powerproject.

Galliford Try is the principal contractor to the All-England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) and has been designing and building projects for the club since 1973. In 1994, Galliford Try introduced the use of Asta Powerproject, professional project management software designed specifically for the construction industry.

It has since been using the software in its various versions across many of its major projects. One such project is the construction of the retractable roof at Centre Court. The work on Centre Court is part of a long-term development plan for Galliford Try at the AELTC.

“Our on site planners use Asta Powerproject to develop concept programmes that enable us to work out how best to plan and execute the work. It also enables us to have a very clear understanding of what we are delivering. On a project like this where every year we need to make significant improvements to the club while ensuring that three championships each year are not adversely affected by the building work, there is no room for delay or floats. Asta Powerproject helps us to ensure we deliver on schedule each year without fail.”

Mike Bridges, Project Director, Galliford Try.