Asta Powerproject still fits the bill for Wandsworth Council Design Services 10 years down the line

The Design Services department at Wandsworth Council is a multi-disciplinary in-house consultancy providing services to maintain and carry out construction and refurbishment work on council properties and public buildings. The department employs Asta Powerproject to help it demonstrate how it can deliver best outcome for the council and to manage its large number of projects successfully from bid, design and construction stage all the way through to implementation and certification.

Bob Holt, Deputy Head of Design Services, explains the value of using the software: “Design Services deals with the larger projects won through a fee-bidding process. We use Asta Powerproject primarily for demonstrating our ability to carry out project work at the bidding stage, and for monitoring our resources. By far the most crucial use of the software for us is monitoring our own cash flow and fee-claiming process, and reviewing and monitoring our income over the year.”

Still bringing advantages 10 years down the line

Abbie Snelling, Consultant Business Coordinator,  has been using Asta Powerproject for many years – a proficient user, she was onboard with the software’s initial implementation and has witnessed first hand the benefits it has brought over the years.

She explained: “Prior to using Asta Powerproject, we did all our fee and programming work manually. It was very time-consuming and resource-heavy. When Bob instigated the search for an alternative way in 2000, we researched many providers. We began by exploring MS Project, and even attended a training course — but it fell short. Asta Powerproject turned out to be more user friendly in comparison and its functionality more intuitive. It also catered more for our needs on the financial side. There were some limitations to MS Project that Asta Powerproject did not have, and we found it more versatile.”

Now, 10 years later, Abbie can substantiate why they chose Asta Powerproject: “Just one example of how the software helps us improve on efficiency can be seen in invoicing. When we generated our fee invoices manually we could spend 10 minutes to do just one. Now by clicking a few buttons we can generate a new fee invoice to send to our clients in just 2 to 3 minutes – so it has more than halved our time on this task. Before we had different spreadsheets and databases; it was all very time consuming. Now we have Asta-generated macros tailored for us – they do the calculations at the click of a button.”  Read full case study