Construction CPD Certification Service certifies Asta Training and Events for CPD

Asta Development is delighted to announce that its Asta Powerproject training and development services have been certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by the Construction CPD Certification Service.

The accreditation covers its regular courses in Asta Powerproject, attendance at its forthcoming National User Forum in July and the annual Asta Powerproject Regional User Groups held each Spring.

The construction industry is increasingly recognising the importance of enhancing skills and professional training opportunities within the sector. Maintaining skills within the current workforce and attracting new entrants through the provision of training opportunities are considered vital to the construction industry’s return to growth. The value of training is significantly enhanced for new industry entrants and current professionals alike if it is certified it can then form part of a structured development programme which gives the trainee the skills they can build on in their future career.

“We know that Asta software has become a standard within the construction sector. This certification unquestionably reinforces the value of Asta Powerproject training as a key skill for planners, project managers and others in construction, and our courses and events enable construction professionals to learn from the people who know it the best.”

Chris Rymer, Head of Professional Services for Asta Development

The CPD Certification Service helps organisations provide certified CPD and acts as a point of contact for those seeking to obtain certified CPD material. It supports further learning initiatives being undertaken by Government, professional institutions, trade associations, individual organisations, training providers, suppliers and so on. More information can be found about the Construction CPD Certification Service at