Download Asta’s free white paper on resourcing

Asta Development has always believed in the vital importance of good time and resource management. For over two decades, we have evolved our product suite according to what our customers have told us could help them manage projects within budgetary and time deadlines. In some industries this has always been fairly obvious – after all, if you are trying to understand and assure delivery of a project to a particular time and cost it makes complete sense to organise and schedule all your resources around that.

Times have changed and the past few years have been tough for all industries. One result is that we’ve seen a gradual realisation of how good project management can help companies more widely than just within the project office. Better intelligence about what is going on can enable better decisions, full stop. The fundamentals of project management such as time and resource management have far wider benefits to project-centric firms than they had realised, especially in helping them to drive down costs and do more with fewer resources. Embracing time and resource management makes absolute sense to them.

As the economic squeeze continues, all organisations seek to reduce their costs, do more with less and streamline to face a tough market. Resources of all kinds are squeezed, including people. Yet they often haven’t traditionally employed project management methodologies, and can fail to recognise the vital role that time and resource management plays.

We believe it’s time to wake up and face facts. If a company is looking to drive down its resource costs or improve productivity it needs first to create and then sustain visibility and understanding of how its resources are managed and deployed. You cannot manage what you cannot see. You cannot measure and then improve on things you do not track. Remaining in ignorance of what is happening at this fundamental level of your company and its operations is simply not an option any more. Download the full white paper here.