How important is mobile computing to your project activity? We’d like your views.

We are running some technology workshops to get user input on how you envisage using mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices in your project management process. If you would like to get involved, please contact for more information on dates and locations.

2 thoughts on “How important is mobile computing to your project activity? We’d like your views.

  1. I am a regular business user of powerpoint but since gaining an ipad as a buisness tool earlier this year I find I take my laptop with me less and less.
    The ability to open powerproject programmes on the ipad would be great. Creating simple programmes would be even better.

    • if you look at how apple took the market by surprise with the release of the original ipad in 2010, in the fact that it took around 12 months for a realistic challenger to come on to the market and the subsequent explosion of interest into tablet based “apps”. You have to then ask yourself can any business ignore this media? I am old enough to remember construction sites without email and how reliant the industry was on Royal Mail. Walk on to any site today, of even the smallest contractor and you will have multiple laptops and broadband as standard. If Asta want to lead the charge in tablet PC planning applications, they need to lead from the front and get something on the market now, even as a free asta viewer app. They even have the old pda site progress platform that wouldn’t take a lot of working to get on to a modern tablet. I am sure that if these were out there now, they would be used and valuable constructive feedback would be rolling in to assist in the development of the next generation, high revenue earning, industry leading planning software.

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