Openness all round is the key to BIM

Michael McCullen, Executive Chairman of the Management Team

Michael McCullen, Executive Chairman of Asta, discusses an open approach to BIM in Construction Manager.

In focusing the industry on the target of achieving Level 2 BIM on all projects by 2016, the government is successfully keeping the construction industry moving firmly forwards. The recent NBS National BIM Report 2013 shows that around  39% of the building industry is aware of and currently using BIM. In 2010, when the survey team asked the same question, the figure was 13%.

While this is positive, it fails to highlight the fact that in today’s challenging economic environment, budgets are stretched and BIM requires investment not only in IT, but also in process change and training. For BIM to become a reality, understanding what wider changes are needed to improve project management as a whole is just as important as having the right tools to use.

At its heart BIM is about changing the role that information plays, and how it is handled. Information must enable workflows that span the entire construction value chain to drive better quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness in the development of our built environment. It is not just about technology, although this is a key enabler of process change. It is about business, about reducing risk to every party, transparency and good communications, creating a win-win for all.

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