Pera Technology – De-risking the NPD process with Asta Powerproject

Pera Technology is a leading new product development (NPD) contractor working with a consortium of companies of all sizes from across Europe. It enables clients to identify and create the best ideas for their business using in-house technology expertise to pin-point the scientific or other capabilities it might need.

Pera Technology needed a trusted resource to help it align all of its processes and communications  in one place – it chose Asta Powerproject from Asta Development. Dr Mark Holden, Resource Manager, Pera Technology, explained: “R & D projects are high risk and things change throughout the process. We need to be able to plan the entire process realistically, identify the skills, resources and experience and hence calculate the cost of research. Before we had Asta Powerproject we only had our account system and spreadsheets. Information was not always up to date, and not easily shared as people had their own versions. The task was made harder because we operate out of several geographic locations. The driver was to find one system to be an accurate information and communication tool for us all.” Read more.