US Army Corps of Engineers approves Asta Powerproject for SDEF Export requirements

Asta is pleased to announce that the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has given approval to Asta Powerproject as being fully compliant with their SDEF requirements.

USACE manages construction and maintenance projects throughout the USA and the world and requires those doing business with them to provide project data in an SDEF format to comply with reporting and submission requirements. The Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF) provides a proprietary protocol to exchange project planning and progress data between scheduling systems and project management software. It is used by the United States Army Corp of Engineers USACE (or Corp Of Engineers, COE) in their project management and network analysis systems (NAS).

Asta Powerproject program files can be exported into SDEF file format meeting all known requirements in line with SDEF regulation ER 1-1-11.

Asta Powerproject is becoming increasingly popular in the USA as construction companies demand better scheduling software for their project needs and Asta is delighted that this approval will enable our customers to use our software on all USACE projects.

For more information on Asta Powerproject and to contact your nearest reseller see /asta-worldwide/usa/