Powerful project reporting tools

Overcome your reporting challenges with powerful reporting tools from the Asta Powerproject suite

Asta Development has over 20 years of experience of working with project managers. We understand the daily challenges of producing professional, appropriate, reports for all your different stakeholders when your time is at a premium.

We know that you need to be able to keep up-to- date with your projects when you aren’t in the office and that you are often managing projects in a variety of locations and sometimes can’t make visits as often as you’d like. We understand that you sometimes need to review progress on a series of projects at a high level, but may equally need a detailed report on an individual project.

The Asta Powerproject  suite has long been valued for its core reporting functionality which provides unrivalled presentation tools allowing you to:

  • Highlight important information with text, images and graphic annotations
  • Import Microsoft Windows objects including Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD etc.
  • Create borders with the inbuilt Asta Powerdraw software
  • Gain output quality that matches your screen view
  • Choose which features of a report are displayed
  • Save selected aspects or views of a project or the full project as HTML output 

In addition, we have developed three powerful tools to enhance Asta Powerproject’s reporting functionality:

1. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence allows you to generate high quality dashboard reports for senior-level review of complex or multiple projects.

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Business Intelligence

2. Web Access

Web Access
Web Access  – provides cost effective access to your reports over the web 24-7.

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Web Access

3. Geographical Information

Geographical Information (GIS) – enables you to see your actual projects sites wherever they are in the world and drill down to critical data on any individual project.

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