Programme Managers

Programme Managers and a programme management office (PMO) are responsible for enforcing standardisation and making sure all projects are governed in the same way. This requires complete visibility over all programmes and the ability to regularly track progress.

Project templates are an effective way of ensuring new projects adhere to a specific methodology or process and include all the required gateways and stages. They also enable you to carry forward any lessons learned improving the success of new projects.

PMO’s need to adapt quickly to changing priorities and business requirements as well as being able to assess the impact that any changes will have on the successful outcome of the programme. A high level of flexibility is vital to ensure projects remain aligned to corporate strategy, whilst up to date project data ensures the right decisions are made.

Asta Powerproject provides the essential tools that ensure the success of any PMO, including.

  • Complete visibility over all project, programmes and resources
  • Project templates for project standardisation
  • Up to date project, programme and portfolio reporting
  • High level of flexibility for effectively managing change requests
  • Tight financial controls
  • Full critical path analysis
  • Unlimited project baselines for planned vs. actual cost/revenue tracking
  • Web-based access to live project reports 24-7
  • Role-based views focusing users on the data important to them