Project Managers and Planners

Project managers and planners are ultimately held responsible for the successful planning, execution, tracking and delivery of all projects. Having complete visibility and control of a project’s progress and its resources is paramount for effective project management.

Disseminating project information to all stakeholders is an ongoing requirement. Live project reporting and powerful dashboard reports frees project managers from laborious report preparation and ensures they focus on delivering projects.

Asta Powerproject provides clear visibility and allows proactive management and resolution of project issues to keep projects on track so they can be delivered on time and on budget. It is an easy to use tool which enables new plans to be created quickly and includes many powerful features including:

  • Work breakdown structure for easy project navigation
  • High level of flexibility for effectively managing change requests
  • Complete visibility over all projects, programmes and resources
  • Full critical path analysis
  • Unlimited project baselines for planned vs. actual tracking
  • Live and accurate project reporting at the click of a button
  • Milestone tracking and reporting for early identification of any slippage or delay
  • Project templates ensure any lessons learned are carried forward