Resource Managers

Resource managers need to manage all demands for resources on upcoming projects as well as manage staffing on current projects. This requires complete visibility and control over who is doing what, when and for how long. Change requests, new projects, illness and holidays are regular occurrences that can affect resource utilisation. Being able to quickly re-schedule your resources minimises disruption and avoids project failure.

Managing resources effectively not only ensures the right person is on the right project but that the business is maximising any revenue earning potential whilst avoiding unnecessary and costly external consultants or contractors.

Forward capacity planning highlights any peaks and troughs within an individual’s or team’s workload, ensuring everyone is working to their full capacity at all times. Resource managers are also able to prove to senior management what can and cannot be delivered within any given timeframe.

With Asta Powerproject resource managers get:

  • Complete visibility over all resources at individual, team and department level
  • Powerful skill search tools for accurate resource utilisation
  • Graphical histograms showing resource demand and allocation
  • Re-scheduling tools for rapid, effective response to any change requests
  • Automatic over-allocation warnings
  • Effective capacity planning tools to manage any peaks and troughs in demand
  • Integrated web-based timesheets for accurate time recording
  • Microsoft Outlook integration keeping the team up-to-date with their priorities
  • Role-based views focussing users on those aspects of projects that are relevant to them