Senior Management and Stakeholders

Senior Managers and stakeholders want to be kept informed of project progress to reassure them and to highlight any areas of concern on which they may require more information. Understanding that projects are on track and delivering real value to the business is of upmost importance to them. This requires complete visibility over the project portfolio, from the initiation stage through to reviewing delivered projects.

Keeping projects and business strategy aligned, making the right investment and decisions and having the foresight to cancel any underperforming projects is vital to ensure that the business remains competitive and profitable

Asta Powerproject provides up to date project data on all progress, resources, costs and revenue enabling easy access  to clear information across the project portfolio with the ability to drill down to detail where required with a variety of features, including:

  • Summary level reports with traffic light system to show variances
  • Business Intelligence tool providing easy access to powerful dashboard reports
  • Multi-level reporting for detailed, strategic analysis
  • Complete visibility over all project, programmes and resources
  • Live and accurate portfolio reporting on all projects, resources and costs
  • Effective capacity planning maximising resource revenue earning potential
  • Full critical path analysis
  • Unlimited project baselines for consistent planned vs. actual tracking
  • Milestone tracking and reporting for early identification of any slippage or delay
  • Web-based access to up to date portfolio reports 24-7