Technology Partners: D-Studio

Koenraad Nys, Managing Partner of D-Studio talks about integration with Asta Powerproject

D-Studio offers solutions and services to construction companies striving to achieve maximum efficiency during the design and building process as well as for the management of the whole building life-cycle.

The company’s specialist knowledge is broadly in BIM, GIS and related fields and more specifically in 4D visualisation of the building process through its software XD Virtual Builder. This 4D solution can be used to re-engineer existing solutions or to introduce new functional systems.

Asta Powerproject works effectively with XD Virtual Builder – contributing planning and scheduling functionality to produce a truly information-rich virtual environment. Koenraad Nys, Managing Partner at D-Studio says:

“At D-Studio using the right planning software with our XD Virtual Builder is important because we want to create 4D modelling that supports our philosophyand way of working. Unlike most other 4D modelling solution providers that create their own environment and import information into it, D-Studio prefers not to duplicate but to link data and intelligence dynamically to add value while leaving the original application in tact. Using Asta Powerproject as the planning and scheduling extension to our XD Builder gives us a truly information-rich virtual environment, because Asta Powerproject is a graphical and very powerful interface.”

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